Monday, November 2, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan! My Inspiration!



Swaram said...


Rakesh said...

@weirdo swaram

i havent finished the post yet!
Sigh..i cant believe some one actually commented even before putting up the post!

Swaram said...

U did publish it! I wanted to ask u what does it mean and so left a mark ;)

Sakshi said...

Hey bhagwan..swar I think he is trying to lure SRK fans like Sols, IHM, Smiths, Deeps and all here by just wrriting the title.

Rakesh said...

whn i said..u could crash land here anytime..i didnt expect u to crash right into my face!!

How can u accuse me like tht???
im innocent i tell u!! innocent!!

and y would i evr want to lure the mommies of blogworld here?? hehe

im innocent!! vimmuuu..brooo...look wht she is accusing me of??? im innocent!!

i better write something before it becomes more controversial!

Sakshi said...

Well once a crash landing invitation is sent my way, I take it as my constitutional right :)

Ha blogville mommies? Well coz they are gorgeous *sakshi pulls up her collar la vampire style*, smart and know how to keep weirdos like you and Vimmu in place *grins*

Btw when are you gonna write this post? once you get 100 comments here for the title?

Smita said...

In saying nothing?

Giribala said...

COOL!!! Rakesh, now you are my inspiration!!