Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Damn you Recession!!

Fellow Weirdos!I am back after a long break!! buhahahaha!!
Well..i was busy with some weird stuff back here on planet earth.Phikar' not I am back again on the blogosphere...hmmmm....correction........weirdosphere!!....Now thats the word we should be using here from now on!
I know everyone will be eager to know about what ever happened to the movie that i was talking about in the previous post.Well the story is almost done.But i am facing problems and its all because of the recession & financial crisis!!

why that stupid little recession #$*@!!

The main actors are ever so demanding nowadays.They keep asking me to change their roles.Some aren't comfortable with the costumes i told them to wear.I mean..C'mon,Grass is a natural fiber right guys!I cant understand why they are refusing to wear it?Still those stupid actors wont even listen to me.Some even walked out of the sets.The financial meltdown has affected us in such a bad way that i had to cut short my actors,I had to make a dude play a female dudette, use a fat cat as a lion.I even had to use cut short my Matrix style effects and had to re-enact those scenes by just using a string,carrot and a fishing rod....This is all what i could afford...:(
Damn you financial crisis @#$!!
I was also thinking about acting all those roles myself incase if all the actors decide to ditch me and walk away off the sets.Kamal Hassan dude,u surely will have tough competition if i ever had to go by that decision.So beware!

Anyway Jokes apart,the truth is that i was really busy and i couldnt get enough time to co-ordinate with my freinds.But i must tell u,the story is a pakka entertainer.I am getting into the background story of each character.Each person among my freinds will be joked about their funniest and awkward incidents.So i am just preparing more masala for the final shoot.But the movie will take more time to finish.As of now i have an excuse in the name of "financial crisis".
But phikar not weirdos ..main hoon na!! I will keep my word.My movie will be premiering first exclusively on this weirdosphere pretty soon!! So please have patience people! And wish us all the best!

Donations are always accepted in account of the global financial crisis! hehe

Meanwhile the movie is still under production,i have decided to blog for the time being.From the next post onwards i will be writing about some old incidents from my real life back on earth.I have decided to call this as the 'Flashback series'!I will try to post atleast one incident each week .Well that's because there were so many weird incidents in my life that i dont know where to start from.Okay here's a little preview of the next post

The title of the post will be called "The day I saw Satan!!"
Don't get confused people..i am not a Satan woshipper! hehe..
Okay that's it for now!

Cowabunga weirdos!!