Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Sunrise!

Almost Sunrise and still no sign of getting any genuine or unforced b'day wishes this year.What will I do??I even added the links of my "Midnight" post on every networking site that exists in the whole wide universe.I also send many indirect messages to all my friends on Facebook,telling them to read the post and in the process,making them wish me indirectly.

For eg:
This was what i wrote on Anand's wall on Facebook who is currently in Congo on a Project(Dude Do Stay away from those wild gorillas .They are nasty)

"do u know y GOD sent u to africa? there's a good reason for tht! if u visit my blog frm congo..u will be the first man from africa to read my blog!:) so plz do visit my blog! this will complete my record!"

But still nothing happend! No one remembered!Damn It!!
People!! Havent you ever noticed that Birthday reminder thingy on your profiles?.They are there for a reason!!

Okay i am running out of patience.Its time for evasive action!
Plan B Rakesh!! Plan B!!

Let me check out for any Bhakras on Gtalk!No time to even think about prestige and honor or even humilation!I am going to force a wish from someone this time!I dont care a damn about what others think abt me & No one can stop me! Har Har ahAr HAr har ahah!

Hmm, let me see who do we have here?

Oh its that nerd Koola from college.Hmm.. i dont think its such a good idea but what the heck!

: Hi Koola :P Hru?

Koola : *silent*

Koola :Koola is Offline Forever

Rakesh:Grrrr!!!Damn it Koola!!!! I hate you,man!"

Okay this is not going well,Lets see who else is in the list?
Ohh wait! Isnt tht the 'saintly sinner'? Cool!I think i can get a wish from him...hehe.Afterall he is like my own big brother na.Nothing can go wrong!hehe

Rakesh : ahem... ahem... ahem

Saintlysinner: ok?

Rakesh : chk out my latest post and then we shall speak!

Saintlysinner: whats the post ? the midnight one ?

Rakesh : ya

Saintlysinner: am i supposed to do now ? :) I read it.. :-P

Rakesh : wish me!!!

Saintlysinner: hmm...wish on ?

Rakesh : dude, i am not rich enough to call u to switzerland !!

Saintlysinner: and for what ? its your b'day ?

Rakesh : d'oh yaaa!! i know its pretty late now...

Saintlysinner: many many happy returns of the day! :)

Rakesh : Hmm!! very well, thnk u :) evn though its a way bit too late

Saintlysinner: so you are desperate then ?

Rakesh : and it took me a post and a threat to get tht one out of u

Saintlysinner: so..where was the threat ?

Rakesh : the exclamation marks!! See"!!!!" see!! :) anyway, I am sorry for bugging u bro..hehe

Saintlysinner: ya...ya..i get your desperation on not getting any wishes...:) no one likes you,eh? ;-)

Rakesh : i can still cant understand y !! sigh! :( Is it my hairstyle,bro?

Saintlysinner:no..i guess its the entire thing beneath the hair

Rakesh : ouch!!ok thts it! im outa here hehe

Saintlysinner: :)

Saintlysinner: what are you upto this late? Threatening people to go through your blog? er..i mean wish you ?

Rakesh : naa..thts over

Rakesh :but i did see those movies which u had recommended; that cave movie as well!

Saintlysinner: descent, right ? amazin one..

Rakesh : ya

Saintlysinner:they are coming out with the second part..

Rakesh : yaa

Rakesh :i am never entering a cave in my life….

Rakesh :with women!!!!!

Saintlysinner: ;-) or maybe the other way around..

Rakesh : okay ini ninnaal sheriyaaagilla!! im goin bro. thnx once again for ur 'wishes' hehe

Rakesh :take care n cowabunga dude!!

Saintlysinner: cowabunga!

Rakesh :And ooh yeah I AM THREATENING YOU TO COMMENT ON MY BLOG!!!........

Saintlysinner: phooey...

Rakesh : with 3 exclamation marks!! and another 2 ….byeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Saintlysinner: bye..

After finishing this coversation i felt like this was the best birthday wish i ever had in recent times..err..even though i had forced him to wish me.. hehe.. :)
Anyway you are super cool saintly sinner!!You Rock!And hey guess what, its sunrise now! Wooo-hooo!!

Happy bday Rakesh and Good night world!
Time for me to sleep!
Ahhhrr...Noo...Its the freakin Sun on my face!!
Let me Dive into my blankets for cover!Yawnnnnnn......!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost midnight!

Its almost midnight now and no sign of her! She never used to be this late.Its really getting dark and scary outside!I can hear the nasty pattanis & nigerians laughing on the road. Where could she possibly be?Why isnt she calling me till now?She never forgets to inform me if she was goin to be this late?

Cmon Rakesh,Be positive ,maybe her phone battery is down or maybe her phone might have ran out of credit or something.She will definetly call!Be patient

Its 12.20 already,i think i should call her,just to be safe.No wait,she might freak out.Remember.last time she almost murdered me for trying to be too impatient in front of her!She is a big girl,she knows what to do!

Its 12.30 now
What if she is sick?You know its the flu season na.What if she is too sick to call me?
What if she has been kidnapped by someone? Oh Noooo!!
This cant be happening! I am getting paranoid now!

Maya where are you??
Oh god,why are you testing my patience?
Why do you have to be so stubborn?Why cant you let me call you?I know that you made me promise that i wouldnt try to call you this time,but still maya ,i am worried about you!

12.45 now

Okay thats it
I am gonna call you right now,I dont care about the promise!

!triing...triing....triing..Masakali masakalii..aah..masakalii....!!!

Me: Hello?? Helloo???

Maya: yawnWWn!!

Maya:Rakesh?? what is it???


Maya: What did i do now??? *confused*

Maya:Do you know what the time it is now?? yawnn

Me:Actually DO YOU know what the time is it NOW?


Me: WELL YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO WISH ME 40 minutes ago!!!!

Me:Its My Birthday!! :(

Maya:Oh god!..Well..its goin to be your 'dead-day'..if you dont cut the damn phone & go to sleep!!