Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Close Encounters of the weird kind-1

For the first time in Blog history Wierdworld proudly presents
Close encounters of the weird kind

Starring Jon Heder as Jayzee El Nerdo and our very own egg head superstar Adam sandler as Stony kidcobra.Weirworld's first post featuring real actors who play play weird characters in this post even without their own knowledge or permission! I may even get sued after finishing this post!But what the heck all the events take place on planet Weirdworld right?,so i am pretty much safe!Well i guess so! Okay whatever.Over to the story now!

This little conversation is based on a true story which happened a few days back with me and one of my friends.I chose not to play myself in this story because of threats of "getting kicked on the Butt" by certain hooligans.So i chose to cast in Jon Heder(Napoleon Dynamite & The Benchwarmers fame) and Adam sandler (My future movie producer) for the parts of Stony and Jayzee. Hey Adam & John,I really wished if you guys could have been a part of my now stalled Youtube movie , i am really sorry guys coz i am pretty much broke now!So you will have to bear with me and act in this for free!

This is what happens when two weirdos from two different planets collide!
Jayzee is a nerd who spends way too much time in Facebook who thinks updating his status every few minutes(For eg:Jayzee is thinking! ,Jayzee is thinking what to do,Jayzee is thinking what to put on his Facebook status!) and playing Mafia wars is a cool way to attract chicks!

Stony Kidcobra is a unemployed business man who spends most of his time watching movies and commenting on blogs.He is almost certain that by 2012 , humans will be taken over by machines
and that the date of the apocalypse is on December 12 ,2012.

And these two weirdos happens to be good friends.So lets see whats happening in their lives.Come on lets have a peek.

Stony kidcobra:Hi wassup buddy? where the fish have you been?

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:I'm cool man,I was around.Boy do i have a great news for you buddy!.You are not going to believe this.I bet you are going to be so thrilled when you hear this man!

Stony kidcobra: Now what?, Please dont tell me ,Some Crazy stalker lady commented on your stupid blog again?

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:No No...This is way bigger than that.This is huge man.You wont believe this! I am finally getting married man.It was my parents selection.Yeah!!!! And by the way,about that Blog visitor well, she was not a stalker she was just a spooky 13 year old!D'uh!

Stony kidcobra:No way!!What the fish? Am i hearing this right? What do you mean ,Your parents selected for you?They supported you on this whole thing. That is so weird dude! hahahaha!

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:Yeah, Kinda of.But for me it was like love at first sight! Sigh! [Doing his nerdy girlish laugh again""..LOLaalalahohoho LOLaaahoho...LOLalalalahoho...."Ya He laughs in the same way as he types in Facebook]

Stony kidcobra:haha..what the fish! Tht's like the funniest thing i have heard since a long time..hahaha..i still cant believe that you are finally getting laid dude.Congratulations little man!

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:Man you are horrible! That wasn't cool.Be serious man,i am like getting married for the first time in my life .That's like the biggest thing that can possibly happen in my freaking life man. And you are supposed to support me on this .This is very important for me. :(

Stony kidcobra: Okay Okay i am sorry dude,i was kidding.I am really happy for you man.But this is fishing hilarious.I just cant stop laughing!

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:Man i have something serious to tell you.I was decided to make you my best man for the wedding.You are like the only best friend i have.You should be there for me dude!

Stony kidcobra:(After pausing for a while) Maaan now you are making me all emotional.I don't know what to say.I am really honored man.Even though you are fishing annoying,you are Kinda funny in a nerdy sort of way and i really do have a special place for retards like you, in my heart.

Anyway this is the first time someone has ever said something like this to me;infact this is the first time i am ever going to attend a wedding!!

Jayzee jai Elnerdo:What do you mean dude? You mean to say,you have never attended a wedding before?

Stony kidcobra:sob man this is my first time..........

Jayzee jai Elnerdo: AWW..i dont know what to say man... :(

Stony kidcobra:Ya Thats right Jayzee! i never had a gay friend like you before and this will be the first time that i am gonna witness a gay marriage!! ..Aaaahhahahaha....ngyahahaahahahaha..muhahahaha..OOH SHIT I AM SOOO EVIL HAR HARHAR!!

Jayzee jai Elnerdo: FISH you MAN!!Screw You! You will rot in hell!

Stony kidcobra:Ya i know i know...Yeahahahahah.Oh i just love being evil! HARHARHARAAAAHAHAR

Picture courtesy:

Adam sandler's egg head: I stole it from google
Napoleon dynamite : It was like stealing a candy from a baby
Evil bart : Homer still owes me some money for the donuts he ate from me.So i can use bart as my slave till he pays me back

Special thanks :Jais Joy,Subin,Bart,Adam & Jon